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Cambridge Community Arts

Recently I created a design for graduates of this year’s courses at Cambridge Community Arts, to be printed onto t-shirts and given out at graduation. The words to be included were creativity, wellbeing, confidence and inspiration, and I made a little picnic party scene. Through my side project Hot Yoghurt with my partner, we printed 30+ of them – originally it was going to be in orange, but we decided on turquoise in the end. CCA do really great work in so many creative fields – you can find out more about them here.


Christmas fair TOMORROW!

Hello Cambridge folk,

Tomorrow I will be selling my wares/making awkward chit-chat at the Christmas fair held at the big fancy new C3 Church, Brooks Road/Coldhams Lane (opposite Sainsbury’s). Come along! I’ll be selling cards, prints and a selection of Hot Yoghurt t-shirts, Christmas jumpers, tote bags and sketchbooks. It’s on from 1-6 and there’s mulled wine and food vans outside in case you’re a heathen who can’t set foot on holy ground.

Cambridge Film Festival 2016

My illustrative/screenprinting side project Hot Yoghurt made this year’s Cambridge Film Festival tote bags – currently on sale at Festival sites around the city. There are only 50 and each one is painstakingly lovingly printed by hand so pop down before they sell out!





hhhot yoghurt


Morning all!

This weekend I’ve been shooting a short ‘how to screenprint’ film to help people set up their own DIY businesses and make us millions. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Hot Yoghurt on here before – we make small-run limited edition t-shirts, tote bags and prints with downbeat slogans for people who hate slogan t-shirts. You can view our blog here and our lovely shop here. Film will be out soon…

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Save the Date


‘Save the date’ wedding emblem that I designed recently, screenprinted onto old postcards of Brooklyn. Invite design to follow …

Poetry in Print – TS Eliot

Hello! Back in March I exhibited a series of limited edition screenprints of TS Eliot quotes in New York (see here), and as of yesterday they are on show at the Picturehouse cinema in Cambridge. Come on down! They’ll be up until at least September 19th, and there are four or five of each design that you can get your hands on. Only ten of each design were printed so once they’re gone, that’s your lot. TS Eliot was a miserable bastard deep thinker and literary genius, so be prepared for quotes on death, decay, religion and the afterlife. Oh, and one about a cat who wears spats and frequents clubs on Pall Mall.

p-houseCambridge Arts Picturehouse, 38-39 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR.

Poetry in Print exhibition is here!

Poetry in Print invite NEW


On Tuesday I am off to New York for the Poetry in Print show, the big finale of mine and Paul Woodvine’s TS Eliot project that’s been ongoing since November. The show opens on Thursday night at the 206 Lounge in the East Village, and there’ll be all 100 framed screenprints on show, 10 of each quote, plus sketchbooks, plans, acetates, and possibly some screens as well. Then on Saturday and Sunday we’ll be at Brooklyn Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg ( selling the screenprints and some digital prints too. For photos, updates and to see what the work looks like, follow the tumblr. See you on the flipside!

Poetry in Print

For the last couple of months I have been working on an interesting project and I thought it was about time to show it off. The end product is an EXHIBITION in NEW YORK in March (excitable capitals necessary). I have been introduced to the work of TS Eliot, someone whom I’ve never read, by co-collaborator Paul, who proposed the idea of producing a three-colour screenprint of ten different Eliot quotes, in a limited run of ten each. I’m up to number 5, displayed below (Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town) and you can follow our progress and see lots of sketchbook work on the blog below.


Nook & Cranny


Today I sent off a satisfyingly large bundle of my work to Nook & Cranny, an independent shop/gallery based at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. Alongside selling lovely things, they also feature lots of emerging designers and illustrators on their blog. Have a look! Soon my cards and prints will be gracing their shelves, yeah!

A selection of new things …

Etsy shop now open!

Damn straight – you can now buy all sorts of greetings cards and prints on my Etsy shop here!

Christmas Made-it Market

Yes, Christmas is fast approaching, and I shall be at the Christmas Made-it Market in Cambridge on November 26th (that’s two weeks tomorrow!), selling a range of prints, greetings cards and postcards, including some original screenprints. My good friend and talented silversmith Lauren, aka Ellie Air, will be there, taking over half of my table with her wonderful jewellery. Come along and keep the local independent craft trade alive!


Dickish Indie Boy

We all know who they are. Achingly self-styled and desperately cool – too cool for school, some may say. What started off as a jokey sketch turned into a set of screenprints thanks to various friends/colleagues/housemates egging me on … The result is a limited-edition series of twenty A4 four-colour (+black) screenprints on 150gsm paper, each signed and numbered. Couple of quid each – leave a comment or email me at if you fancy one.

PS. This is obviously a joke and is in no way meant to offend anyone … though if you are offended by this, perhaps you should stop dressing like a dickhead.

Motivation …

Christmas fairs galore

Had plenty to keep me occupied recently!

A couple of weeks ago we pooled together as a course and held a one-day-only art sale in Drake Circus shopping centre in Plymouth, which coincided nicely with the Christmas lights switch-on … and it was a great success! Everybody really pulled their fingers out and produced loads of great work, and a couple of people received commissions, which is always a big thumbs-up.

Then on Saturday I ventured back home for the weekend for the Christmas Made-it Market in Cambridge, a family-run affair that has blossomed into great things in the last year or so. It was great to see so many people really interested in handmade, local goods – very refreshing. I shared a table with great silversmith (and even better friend) Lauren Rowden, and lots of her lovely handcrafted jewellery. It was a knackering day but well worth it – thanks to everyone that came along and supported us! If you want to read a bit more about the Made-it Market, here’s an article from Creative Boom magazine … (and that’s my work hiding behind the pink bunny!)

Next up: Devonmade Christmas Market in Paignton. Better get producing …