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I produced an advert design idea for Milupa [via Talenthouse] incorporating a photo of a big squishy baby, some hand drawn type, and some little characters in the baby’s tummy [the ‘control centre’ of a baby’s wellbeing, apparently]. It wasn’t used but hey, BAAUUUCHLEIN is really fun to say.



I entered a competition on Talenthouse to design a tour poster for Stephen Fry – voting closes tomorrow, so please please vote now! It’s for the grand finale of his tour at the Royal Festival Hall on October 1st, and the poster will be used all over the bloody place to advertise it. View my entry and vote here:

Thanks in advance!

They Draw And Travel


If you haven’t heard of They Draw & Travel, look it up – it’s a lovely website where you can submit hand-drawn maps of any place in the world for whatever reason you want. I chose my glorious hometown of Bishop’s Stortford, and chose to mark all the places where we would hang out as teenagers. Yes, Stortford is actually a (in some places quite attractive) old market town with loads of olde worlde buildings and a fucktonne of Roman roads but the paddling pool and the complex are the only places you need to know about as a visitor. I hope today’s youths of Stortford are continuing the trend.

See my map properly on the TDAT site here:

Robert Johnson blues poster


Earlier in the year I entered Print Club London’s Blisters poster show – this year’s theme was music and lyrics. My posters wasn’t selected for the show *sheds a solitary tear* but here it is anyway – a lyric from They’re Red Hot by Robert Johnson, the grandaddy of delta blues, which you can listen to here:


recent sketchbook work




Merrimaking collaboration

WebA while ago I was asked by fashion brand and maker of fun things Merrimaking to rework their logo within the theme of ‘a wardrobe of playful ideas’, for their new Artist Series. Here it is, complete with googly eyes, and you can see mine and all the other collaborators’ designs on their website:




I did a competition a while ago to paint a mural at GoThinkBig’s headquarters in London. I didn’t win it, but I’m pretty pleased with my design. Green and orange really don’t go with each other and I’m cool with that.

Brave New World


Here’s an image that I started doing for the House of Illustration/Folio Society’s Brave New World competition. The scene chosen is towards the end of the book, when the Savage runs away to live in an abandoned lighthouse and lives a meagre but worthy existence based around self-sufficiency, self-flagellation and contemplation. If you’re reading this and you haven’t read the book, a) sorry for almost ruining the end and b) go and read it! It is great.

Secret 7″

Hello and happy new year to you all! I have taken a nice break from what I’m doing at the moment to indulge in a bit of collage for the Secret 7″ project – if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s a competition in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust where several bands/artists have selected a song each to design the 7″ vinyl cover for. And they’re incredible artists too, such as The Cure, CSS, Ben Howard, Bombay Bicycle Club, etc etc. Plus 700 of the designs will be shown in a London gallery in the run-up to Record Store Day 2012 in April. All in all – amazing.

So – if you fancy voting for my design (eternal damnation is the penalty if you decide not to) then please click here and  click ‘Support Nic!’ – voting opens on January 20th. I will be forever grateful if you do …

Penguin Design Award 2011 entry


Competitions on the brain this week! The first is a Christmas card competition run by the Stranger collective from Cornwall, for which I delved headfirst into Illustrator for the first time – fairly pleased by the outcome actually! The second is for Pin Up Your Doodle, a drawing project based in Australia in support of charity. A doodle of any shape, size or project is eligible, so I took the chance to draw the wonderfully detailed Lyle’s golden syrup cans, something I’d been meaning to do for a while.