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Schilder in Deutschland

Germany signs

For the last month I’ve been travelling in Germany, generally having an ALL-ROUND GOOD TIME, seeing friends, walking in amazing scenery, and consuming plenty of pretzels, cheese and beer. There are some amazing old neon signs in cursive lettering still hanging on a lot of buildings (though not necessarily working). Here are some sketchy bits and bobs.

If you’re interested in not entirely accurate drawings of weird foreign signs, these prints are available to buy for £30, just drop me a line.



Croatia sunburn

Rotund, balding, sunburnt men on Croatian beaches.


miscellaneous lettering from sketchbooks old

misc letters


copenhagen1 w-colour

Shop signs and bits and pieces from Madrid, Copenhagen and other forgotten trips with sketchbook in hand.


I was in Manchester last weekend for the Manchester Print Fair (see the Hot Yoghurt blog) and saw this wonderfully overcrowded and DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT shop that was too good not to draw. Run-down areas of cities for me are way more informative and inspiring than visiting art galleries sometimes. It’s great to visit cities with distinct areas and different vibes (no offence Cambridge). Also, note ‘visit our internet website’, in case you were wondering which type of website you should be visiting.

giochi a premi!

A dingy games arcade spotted in a dusty barren park in Palermo, Sicily. Note the knock-off Disney typeface.


Cambridge isn’t great for art and museums (in my opinion… if you love old crockery and swords then it’s probably heaven on earth) but the Egyptian section of the Fitzwilliam is EXCELLENT. I am always amazed by the incredible patterns and also how they’ve stayed intact for thousands of years. Here are sketches of some hieroglyphs and a wonderfully intricate sarcophagus.


website update

Hello folks! You can find my new updated website at – more recent work, more relevant work, and a vicious culling of old work, one of my favourite pasttimes. Here’s an illustration of shop signs from Berlin from last year. As ever, to get in touch, email me at


legs eleven


found this in an old sketchbook from a trip to italy, 2010

hands hands hands


… and 1½ feet.

signs (again)

signssigns 2

signs 3


A few quick shopfront sketches from here and there.

alan fish bar

alan fish bar

Alan. Not Alan’s. Alan.

and here’s something to give you nightmares


sweet dreams xoxox


For nearly a year I’ve been drawing words from a poem called Funny Bones by spoken word artist Daisy TG. In the last week they’ve come together to make an amazing animated video edited by the incredibly patient Tom Brookes! Here it is! And here are some drawings from along the way too.


Screen Shot 02


Daisy is @daisytgpoetry on Twitter. Tom is @tombrookesfilms. I am @farrell_nic, in case you want to follow me too.