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New work: Innside hotels

I am finally able to show work that I have produced for Innside hotels over the last year. I have created a full hand-drawn Latin alphabet and so so so many icons for all sorts of purposes: hotel products (slippers, mugs, door hangers etc), promotion and business (internal documents, business cards etc) and signage within the hotels, as well as animations for social media. They have hotels in the UK, US, loads in Europe and new ones opening in Asia. You can see more of my illustrations and typeface on my website here.

miscellaneous lettering from sketchbooks old

misc letters


copenhagen1 w-colour

Shop signs and bits and pieces from Madrid, Copenhagen and other forgotten trips with sketchbook in hand.


I was in Manchester last weekend for the Manchester Print Fair (see the Hot Yoghurt blog) and saw this wonderfully overcrowded and DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT shop that was too good not to draw. Run-down areas of cities for me are way more informative and inspiring than visiting art galleries sometimes. It’s great to visit cities with distinct areas and different vibes (no offence Cambridge). Also, note ‘visit our internet website’, in case you were wondering which type of website you should be visiting.

giochi a premi!

A dingy games arcade spotted in a dusty barren park in Palermo, Sicily. Note the knock-off Disney typeface.

website update

Hello folks! You can find my new updated website at – more recent work, more relevant work, and a vicious culling of old work, one of my favourite pasttimes. Here’s an illustration of shop signs from Berlin from last year. As ever, to get in touch, email me at


bye summer


a little summer pattern that I might turn into cards/wrapping paper when I get the chance.


legs eleven


found this in an old sketchbook from a trip to italy, 2010

signs (again)

signssigns 2

signs 3


A few quick shopfront sketches from here and there.

don’t worry, nothing’s under control


Found a sketchbook from when I got the train round Europe a few years back. This was in there, and I still sorta like it.


Lots of old signs and lots of old tiles and lots of custard tarts.

Everyone go to Lisbon!













I went to Amsterdam for the weekend and drew some signs and one building. BIG SHOE.

California map

Hello and happy new year folks!

There’s a personal project I’ve been working on for a while that I’ve finally finished and had printed – a big ol’ map of the lovely state of California. Started life as an exercise in lettering styles, got put on the back burner for a while, changed colours a bit, and wound up looking like this. Here are some work in progress bits too. It’s an anniversary present for my parents who went on their honeymoon to California, so here it is hanging in their house with me looking very awkward next to it.





2014-12-27 11.52.45


image1 image2 image3 image5image4image6


armistead maupin // tales of the city


I’ve been thinking loads about America recently for some reason or another. And I thought about one of my favourite books about San Francisco, Tales of the City, which is a totally silly book in a series that was originally serialised in a paper there, I can’t remember which one. And as you know I bloody love writing words so I thought I’d make a quick little cover for it.

I recommend you read it if you like trivial stuff about relationships and taking quaaludes and being gay in the 70s and San Francisco in general. Also another great book, while I think of it, is Love, Castro Street, which is a load of great non-fiction accounts of what the Castro theatre and district meant to the gay community back in t’day. That’s a really good one. ALSO thinking of more stuff I’ve read about America recently, a book that came out this year or last year called Walking 6000 Miles in the City is excellent, by this bloke who walked every single block in New York and wrote all about the neighbourhoods. Interesting stuff.

Book club over, same time next week.




 Sneak peek of what I’ve been working on recently … finished thing coming soon.