Poetry in Print – TS Eliot

by Nic Farrell

Hello! Back in March I exhibited a series of limited edition screenprints of TS Eliot quotes in New York (see here), and as of yesterday they are on show at the Picturehouse cinema in Cambridge. Come on down! They’ll be up until at least September 19th, and there are four or five of each design that you can get your hands on. Only ten of each design were printed so once they’re gone, that’s your lot. TS Eliot was a miserable bastard deep thinker and literary genius, so be prepared for quotes on death, decay, religion and the afterlife. Oh, and one about a cat who wears spats and frequents clubs on Pall Mall.

p-houseCambridge Arts Picturehouse, 38-39 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR.