Be Amazing! is published

A while back I posted about Chris Hoy’s new book Be Amazing!, which I illustrated the cover for. October 1st was publication day and I’m stoked about how much positive feedback I’ve had already. Chris and the book were featured on Lorraine (a breakfast talk show if you’re not from the UK!) yesterday and it’s weird and exciting in equal parts to be involved in something so high profile. I thought I’d post some of the initial pencil roughs and more detailed colour roughs so you can see the process that an illustrator goes through, from receiving a brief (often with certain prompts and ideas that the publisher is keen on) through to final artwork.

A time lapse of the creation of the final artwork can be viewed here. Shout out as well to the fabulous illustrator Miguel Bustos who did all the inside illustrations in the book!

aaaand the final thing!

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