CHOOSE YOU! is published

July 23rd was the publication date of a book that I illustrated the cover and internal spot illustrations for. It’s called Choose You! Become the unique, incredible and happy teenager you choose to be by neuroscientist and psychotherapist Dr Sharie Coombes. It’s a non-fiction book that encourages teenagers to learn how brains work, in order to understand the myriad of weird goings-on that occur in your bonce when you’re a teenager (can you tell I’m not a scientist?). It’s full of positive, smart advice and my illustrations ranged from people to cars to brains to dogs to frogs to the Tardis. Below are photos of the book and internal illustrations, plus a glimpse at how many iterations the cover went through before it got to its final state! (Answer: MANY.) I’m even credited in the acknowledgements. AND MY NAME IS SPELT CORRECTLY unlike one of the first books I illustrated for back in 2011 or 2012… x

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