Virgin Voyages

On May 21st 2019 Virgin launched their UK side of Virgin Voyages – super swanky Caribbean cruises for millenials – with the Scarlet Night party in London for which I illustrated a huuuuge colour-in mural. The event was, obviously, nautical themed, with a ‘cheeky’ edge – cocktails, sexy lifeguards, an octopus DJ, a sealion on a sunlounger, anchors and pirates and crabs opening bottles of champagne… you know. The usual. The wall was 13m long (!!!) and 3m tall in places, so I spent a frantic 3 days drawing and scanning before putting it all together in Illustrator so it could be scaled up without pixellation. I got through 60+ sheets of paper and two pens. All I can say is thank god for my A3 scanner and massive lightbox…

Sadly I don’t have photos of the illustration in situ, but here it is broken up into sections. Spot the women taking a selfie while walking the plank. Also, Getty have some photos of the event here.



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