A history of my non-creative working life

Often artists have to have ‘other’ jobs to pay rent, eat food, live a normal life etc (something which art directors often balk at, as if you’re not taking your art seriously; look, pal, if you paid me on time I wouldn’t have to). Over the years I’ve done my level best to avoid a 9-5, and as such have ended up doing a variety of weird and wonderful jobs, ranging from some-level-of-responsibility to absolutely-no-responsibility-at-all. I find it curious when I meet people who have only had one or two jobs in their lives; I can’t tell whether it’s a positive or negative. I thought I’d put down on paper the jobs I’ve had, for no reason other than gentle, warming nostalgia, a rush of intense relief that I’m no longer sweeping up food detritus, and a love of drawing words.


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