Cambridge Film Festival 2014

DSC01833-2 DSC01834 DSC01835 DSC01836-2 lucy-design


If you are from East Anglia then a) my sympathies, you poor thing, but more importantly b) you will know about the annual Cambridge Film Festival which is Sort Of A Big Deal – the third biggest in Britain I’m led to believe. This year myself and the talented Melissa Castrillon teamed up to design the t-shirt – I am good at words and she is good at pictures so it sort of made sense. Here it is in all its red (urgh) glory, and here I am smiling like a mug next to lovely Lucy modelling it.

Also if you are interested in films as well as illustration then the festival is running all this week, finishing on Sunday 7th, at the Arts Picturehouse, Emmanuel College and St Philips Church on Mill Road. Plus the t-shirts are for sale at the Picturehouse for £15!

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