The Place Beyond The Pines temporary tattoos

Hi folks. Over the last few months I have had so many requests for packs of the Ryan Gosling temporary tattoos that he sports in The Place Beyond The Pines. Picturehouse cinemas aren’t selling them any more so I’ve made a high-quality PDF version which can be downloaded free here, and then you can print to your heart’s content at home (prints at A6 size, the size of the original tattoo packs). Transfer tattoo paper is inexpensive and easy to come by so get to it – on one condition: that you email a picture of you looking like a badass wearing the tattoos to me at hello[at] Also, the tattoos were originally sold at £5 with the whole amount going straight to Plan, Picturehouse’s designated charity – so it would be great, if you are a kind-hearted and compassionate person (or especially if you’re a cold-hearted bastard), to make a donation to them here.


(© Nic Farrell 2013)


  1. Hello.
    I know this request may be a little outdated by now but I really want to get my hands on these prints. I was wondering if somehow you can make these downloadable again?! This would be great! And I’ll make a donation!

    Thanks! Mike

  2. Hey, could you upload the pdf again! I would even pay for it! I needed this so bad! I would be more than grateful!!!!
    Hoping to hear from you!!!

  3. Hey Nic, i can’t download your PDF file!?!
    Do i have to make an account on before i can download?

    Regards Mikkel

  4. Hi man, i have to make a remake of the place beyond the pines for a video clip… And those tattoos are indispensables for me !!! Please send me the PDF link!
    I hope you’re alive and you can save me🙏
    Thanks for alla dear friend

  5. Hi, I know everyone is asking about the PDF of the tattoos and you must get tired of answering every comment but the link that you posted before isn’t working anymore and I was wondering if you could post a new one that works.
    In the meantime, thank you so much for your attention and participation.

  6. hi nic,

    Can you please activate the link again? That would be amazing:)

    thank you so much.

    best wishes,


    1. Hello all who are enquiring about the tattoos – just so you know I will be making and selling them on my Etsy shop in due course, so I’ll update you when that does happen. Thanks!

  7. Hi Nic,

    Just wondering if you’re able to send / post a link to the files again? Failing that, any update on when they will be up on etsy? Cheers

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