The Place Beyond The Pines tattoos




A little while back Hackney Picturehouse had the excellent idea of selling transfer tattoos, the same designs as Ryan Gosling sports in The Place Beyond The Pines, as promotional pieces for the film, and with proceeds going to charity. I am the illustrator behind said tattoos, and despite having owned a couple of packs for ages, I’ve somehow only just got round to trying them out. They look excellent! I feel badass (but still not badass enough to get a real tattoo). If the Picturehouse has any remaining then go grab some and make yourself feel like Ryan Gosling.


  1. excellent I like this boxer and I would like to get this kind tattoo, can you draw a new one for me? please text me or email me the details please : )

  2. Hi man, really eager to get my hands of a set of these tattoo’s for Halloween, any idea where I might find some?
    Thanks, Dave

  3. do you mind if I draw a knife like you for a t-shirt I want to sell? It doesn’t look like the same but it’s still a knife with the drop of blood.

    1. Hi Christine. If you are copying or mimicking this image in some way then yes, I absolutely do mind as that is copyright infringement and a very serious issue. If you are planning on selling a knife t-shirt that bears no resemblance to this image, I’m not quite sure why you asked my permission.

  4. Hi Nic,

    Unfortunately the file you uploaded is not available. Could you please upload it again for me? I would love to get one of those tattoo’s.

    Thanks in advance!


  5. Hello
    I know the site im on is outdated for my request but…is there a way these tattoos can be downloadable again? please let me know thanks alot! I’ll make a donation!!!

    Thanks, Mike

  6. I really hope that it doesn’t annoy you….but could you upload the file once more? Can’t find an active link..:(
    Best wishes


  7. OK so I got these tattoos before and after a hard drive crash can no longer find them. Can someone e-mail me the pdf file or a working link please, they are no longer online.

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