Zurich, and other things

by Nic Farrell

There’s been a bit of silence recently as I’ve just moved into a new flat in Cambridge and so have been dealing with the suicidally dull but painfully necessary tasks of sorting out council tax, insurance, water bills, gas, electric, etc etc, zzzzzz … as well as moving my gargantuan amount of stuff in, which I’m sure grows in size each time I go back to get more. Plus I’m still without internet, so keeping on top of illustration has been a bit of a pain! However, I am working on a new project involving Zurich, maps, architecture, Alain de Botton, and the Festival of Britain, amongst other things, which I will be able to show off soon I hope. Just need to actually finish it first. And if you can’t get hold of me, I haven’t slipped silently off the face of the earth, I’m just living nomad-style in an unfurnished flat, ringing Plusnet so often that my hand has turned into a phone-shaped claw …