Books and other things

Aach! My brain is slowly melting from the amount of tiny, indecipherable text I’ve been trying to copy from book spines, from photos taken at poor quality in failing light … I am in the process of building up a collection of portraits of people based solely on their bookshelves. I won’t say much more than that at the moment! The first image is Joe‘s art book collection, the second is my friend Abi’s, and the third is a small portion of my Grandpa’s extensive horde of photo albums …

PS. My new website,, is now up and (almost) running! In time I will be focusing more on that, and using this blog just for the odd update, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a while in the making …

PPS. As of today I am now a Twitterer! God knows how you work the damn thing, but if you do want to know what I’m up to and don’t mind numerous spelling mistakes as a result of me punching the keyboard in frustration, I am farrell_nic …


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